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Refine Peeling Oil helps in lightening dark areas like elbows, knees, underarm and other dark areas of your body in just a week.
Refine Peeling Oil is only a superficial skin...

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Nature By Musu

Refine Peeling Oil helps in lightening dark areas like elbows, knees, underarm and other dark areas of your body in just a week.
Refine Peeling Oil is only a superficial skin peel and is therefore safe to use at home even without any professional assistance.
* It exfoliates dead skin cells. Hastening the formulation of new cells.
* Can be used for your face and body.
* Is a very safe type of peeling agent to be used without the supervision of a Dermatologist
* It is helpful for facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation.
DISCLAIMER: The seller is not familiar with the buyer’s skin type, condition, or skin history, and does not make personal recommendations of any kind to any buyer. Seller is not liable for negative or damaging results that may be obtained by proper or improper use of this product on any person.
ALL CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ ‼️‼️‼️ I am not a dermatologist what works for my skin may not work for yours.
- Smooths rough, dry skin.
- Improves texture of sun-damaged skin.
- Aids in control of acne -hyperpigmentation- lightens dark spots 
Please follow the direction carefully
Step 1:  Refine Peeling  Oil Not recommended to apply during day time  because of the suns effect.   use at night time only. Wash and clean your face / body with the peeling wash or cleanser. rinse the wash or cleanser off and let the skin dry completely.
1. apply Refine Peeling Oil on skin 3-5 times with 15 mins intervals. If you have sensitive skin,  apply 2-3x with 15 mins intervals. All other skin types can apply Refine Peeling Oil 5x. Do not rinse off! Leave oil on skin.
3. Do Not wash your face/body.Apply 3-5x with 15 mins intervals on your 2nd night.
5. Do Not Wash Your Face/body On Day 3 apply Refine Peeling Oil 3-5x with 15 mins intervals.
7. on day 4 your whole face/ body should be peeling. If so gentle wash your face with Only cold water and body with lukewarm to cold water. Once the skin dries apply a moisturizer of your choice or Vaseline 2x a day Day & Night. You also want to use a cleanser 2x a day as well once you’re done peeling. I recommend Refine peeling wash or a cleanser of your choice. If your whole face / body isn’t peeling on Day 4 apply Refine Peeling Oil 3-5x again with 15 mins intervals that night. Be sure not to apply any oil on the skin that’s peeling because it’ll burn your skin if so.
During your peeling process, cleanse your skin with A Foaming Facial Cleanser. Apply vaseline or a moisturizer of your choice as well to keep the skin moist. apply sunscreen after washing only if you’re going to be in the sun use during the daytime only.

please note: itching & stinging may occur.)
-If it itches apply hydrocortisone cream once the oil is dry.
-If it stings, wet a towel with cold water and DAMP the areas that’s burning the vaseline will stop the stingy burning sensation as well. Make sure not to scratch or peel the skin that is peeling off. That can also irritate and burn your skin. 

DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE IN THE MORNING‼️ Do not wash your face before applying oil on nights 2 and 3. 
Some people start peeling earlier than others if this happens make sure not to apply any oil on the peeling skin because it’ll burn you if so.

FYI: IF you don’t stick to a skincare routine daily your skin can break back out!! Following a Skincare routine such as cleaning & moisturizing your skin 2x a day using a cleanser that’s good for your skin or Refine Turmeric & Honey Natural  Face Wash daily.wash & clean your skin day & night & keep your skin moisturized. Always apply sunscreen whenever exposed to sunlight .  
It also takes 1-3 peels for some people before the skin is completely clear. Just like some people skin develop dark spots over the time it’s the same with clearing the skin. It takes time and dedication eventually it will be completely clear!

1. Can I use the product on my face?
- This product is safe to be used on the face. 
2. Is it safe to use?
- We have personally tried and tested this product and we haven't personally encountered any strong reactions against it. If you feel like you  may be allergic to a lot of skin care products, we do not recommend that you purchase this item
3. Is it okay to take a bath while applying the Refine Peeling Oil?
- Yes, but don’t take a bath too long
-Use the Refine peeling wash
4. Will the peeling be visible?
- Yes the peeling will be very visible
5. How long will the peeling last?
- Peeling may last about 5-7 days (approximation only).
6. Will this lighten my skin?
- Yes, it will lighten your skin tone after your first peeling. However, the lightening of the skin depends on how many dark skin layers your body has. If you still wish to improve your skin even further, you may repeat peeling session at least 4 weeks after or when you feel that your skin is ready for another peeling.
7. Will this dramatically whiten my skin?
- your skin may show visible lightening on the first peeling, however it will not dramatically whiten your skin.
8. What should I do if I my skin get irritated?
- do not delay; apply SOOTHING HYDROCORTISONE CREAM/immediately.
9. I have a brown/black skin tone; will it work on my skin?
- this will work on almost all skin types but if you are expecting to visibly lighten a very dark or black skin tone, it may not be possible to do so with just peeling alone. However, you may expect improvement on your skin on the first peeling.

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